Welcome to the BAC Coaching Resource Kit

Below you will find a wealth of information to assist you in coaching various age groups. We have provided you with information on a whole host of topics. Click on each for further information.

These are written by Michael Beale, the ex-coach at Liverpool and Chelsea’s Academy program, and current Sao Paulo assistant manager. Lots of good information, easy to use drills, covering most aspects of match-play through skills and games.

Tried and tested age-related U7-U14 curriculum. Helps you provide plan age-specific sessions so the players learn the right skills at the right age. Highly recommended.

Editions of Elite Soccer Magazine. Published by the League Managers Association in the UK. With sessions from famous to relatively unknown managers and coaches from the UK’s 92 professional clubs. Some are complicated but can be easily adapted for junior players.

Editions of David Clarke Weekly Soccer Magazine. Proven drills, practice plans and advice from one of the UK’s premier grassroots coaches. A magazine made by coaches for coaches.

A number of sessions and training plans from academy’s and community development programs in the UK. Including Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Cardiff City and Sheffield Utd.

Dutch pioneer of technical coaching in the 1970’s, whose coaches have worked in the biggest clubs in Europe. Making their name in technical, skill based sessions, rather than tactical development. Excellent for younger players. Several DVD’s are included here. Originals are with David. Please contact him if you wish to borrow.

Skills and drills from one of the foremost internet coaching sites. Lots of good information on a variety of topics.

Training drills that can be used at practices.

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