Bedford Athletic Club – Recreational And Adaptive Soccer League
Player, Parent & Coach’s Code of Conduct

Due to certain trends in youth sports whereby both parents and players are letting their emotions manifest themselves in abusive and sometimes physical violence, Bedford Athletic Club (BAC) supports a zero tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike behavior. BAC, its Parents, Coaches, and Players should continually raise the standard of behavior – both on and off the field. Participation in the program will require that players and parents accept certain responsibilities:

Players Responsibilities:

  • I will not verbally or physically abuse any of my teammates, opponents, officials or coaches.
  • I understand that poor sportsmanship, during or after games, will not be tolerated.
  • I will remember that winning a game is a result of teamwork and I am a part of that team.

Parents, Team Managers, Team Sponsors Responsibilities:

  • I will encourage sportsmanship by showing positive support for all players, coaches and referees at every game and practice.
  • I will proactively communicate to my team coach in regards to schedule conflicts for games and practices. I understand that failure to communicate to the team will affect others and their commitment to the program.
  • I will encourage my child to treat all other players, fellow coaches and referees with respect.
  • I will not attempt to “coach” or “manipulate” players while they are playing.
  • I will not verbally or physically abuse any coaches, officials, fans or players (including my own).
  • I will not attempt to referee the game by appealing for free kicks, offsides, etc.
  • I will not attempt to influence the coach regarding playing time of my child over others with favoritism

Coach’s Responsibilities:

  • I will treat each player with respect and provide them with a safe and positive team environment
  • I will serve as a positive role model for my players
  • I will strive to play each player at equal intervals in every game and encourage my team to support all players regardless of skill level
  • I will not circumvent the rules of the game in order to affect an outcome that is outside the spirit of the game
  • I will not treat referees or line judges with disdain or disrespect

Course of Action:

Should a parent/spectator or player not adhere to the above, the Bedford Athletic Club (BAC) will take action against anyone determined to be in violation of this policy. Actions could be as simple as a verbal warning to the parent/spectator or player up to disciplinary hearings and possible expulsion from the league.